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New World Park - Avencal Waterfall

A park for the whole family!


In Mundo Novo Park, in addition to the countless natural beauties, you can still enjoy a whole day of activities and adventures. 

15 minutes from the center of Urubici, the place welcomes tourists from all over the world to discover one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Santa Catarina mountains. 


To better receive visitors and ensure that they have all the comfort and structure for a whole day of sightseeing and fun, the place has a restaurant, café, restrooms and parking.

In addition to offering a camping area, with showers, which can be rented for stays in the park. 

How to get:New World Park: SC-110, KM 34 - Urubici - SC(the site can be accessed by any type of vehicle)


Value: Entrance BRL 30.00 and activities can be purchased separately. 


Important informations:

  • Activities for the whole family

  • bathrooms

  • restaurant

  • Café 

  • camping

  • Parking

  • pet friendly

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Check out what the park has to offer you below: 


Avencal Waterfall

With its 100m height, the imposing beauty of the generous waterfall next to a rocky wall in shades of yellow, it is a surprising landscape from any angle.  

It is possible to visit the upper part of the waterfall and also take a short trail to see the fall from below. 


New World Waterfall

With a height of 60m, the waterfall is located in the middle of native forest composed of century-old tree ferns. 

Its access is entirely paved and has two observation walkways. 

It is possible to reach the bottom of the waterfall and take incredible photos immersed in nature. 



There are 4 viewpoints strategically located for the best view of the waterfall and the immensity of the valley that shelters it.


instagrammable spaces

To ensure incredible photos, the place has an infinity swing, a replica of the pierced stone, a glass gazebo, lakes that were a water mirror of the landscape and, if it is in the spring, it still guarantees an incredible photo in the middle of the path of the hydrangeas. . 


Extreme Natural Space

A place with specialized activities within the park, offering adventure experiences and space for contemplation and rest. 


Pendulum Jump®

The Salto de Pêndulo® activity consists of jumping off a cliff.

At the operation site there are 100m of height, 70m of rope, 3 seconds of free fall and almost 100km/h!


The jump is performed in a specific and exclusive system inspired by the practice of highlining, with its dynamic operation, absorbing almost all the impact of the ropes.


It's like a giant child's swing set. You jump, pendulum and return in an automated system to the exact same point where you jumped.


When: From Friday to Sunday, holidays and amendments

How much: BRL 500 and possibility of including a media package with photos and video, for +BRL 390

Where to


Bike® zipline

As the name implies, the Bike® Tyrolean consists of pedaling from one side to the other, at heights, held by 02 steel cables, on an exclusive and specific bike for the activity, which slides through pulleys (pulley system) , with traction used by the user, to turn the pedals.


As simple as its name, Zipline Bike® is nothing more than living the experience of sliding along cables, on top of a bicycle, with a sensational view!

It is 120m high and 289m from one point to another. Ticket includes round-trip ride over the cliff. 


When: From Friday to Sunday, holidays and amendments

How much: BRL 199 per bike and the possibility of including an awesome video, made by GoPro 360, for +BRL 150

Where to


Suspended Web

The suspended webs are large hammocks fixed to trees, which create a colorful and fun space to receive children and adults, who are looking for a place to rest and contemplate nature.

With elastic weaves, the web creates the feeling of walking on clouds, where children can run and play.


Visit the space and also enjoy the pergola, the slackpark and, on colder days, the fire pit available on site. 


Recreational Activities



The 150m walk over the Avencal Waterfall lasts around 40 seconds and can be done by children aged 4 and over. 


When: From Friday to Sunday, holidays and amendments

How much: R$ 100 per person

Where to buy: At the park reception


kids zip line

The 170m walk over Mundo Novo park at a height of 25m, lasts 30 seconds and can be done by children aged 3 and over. 


When: From Friday to Sunday, holidays and amendments

How much: BRL 50 per person

Where to buy: At the park reception


pedal boat

The central lake of Parque Mundo Novo receives 04 swans to make fun for the whole family. The pedal boats that 


When: From Friday to Sunday, holidays and amendments

How much: R$ 30 per person for a 20-minute tour

Where to buy: At the park reception

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Looking for adventures?

How about jumping off the cliff? Or cross a cliff riding a bicycle?


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