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Adventures in Urubici

Your trip to Brazil can be full of adrenaline.

Urubici is full of options for those who love adventure. 

Trails, extreme sports and activities that you can only find here. 

Jumping off the cliff

Are you ready to face your fears and push yourself to the limit? Look no further than Salto de Pêndulo® by Natural Extremo, located at the breathtaking Cascata do Avencal in Urubici. It's the opportunity to overcome your fears and break paradigms. With over 10.000 jumps and clients from 47 different countries, this experience is not to be missed. Join this adventure every weekend for a jump that will transform your life. Book your tickets online or purchase them directly at Cascata do Avencal, subject to availability.

Don't miss your chance to take the leap of a lifetime!

Salto de Pêndulo em Urubici, Santa Catarina. Aventura na serra catarinense.
20220423_Juliane mascarelo__saltodependulo__naturalextremobrasil_NAT08190.jpg
13_20220722_Brenno Cruzeiro Silva__saltodependulo__naturalextremobrasil_NAT07953.jpg

Pedal high on the suspended bike

Cross the cliff while riding a bike on the Bike Zip Line in Urubici. This activity takes place at Cascata do Avencal which has more than 100 meters in height. This experience is a suspended bike where you can pedal side by side with another person, making it a fun ride for couples or even alone.


But how does the Tirolesa de Bike® Skybike in Urubici work?

The Bike Zip Line is an activity offered by Natural Extremo, with the same quality standards as the Salto de Pendulo®. The ticket includes the round trip, covering a total distance of 580 meters and reaching over 120 meters in height.

How much does the Bike Zip Line in Urubici cost?

To embark on the flying bike adventure in Urubici, the ticket costs R$ 200 per person.

20240211_02-08 carnaval_NaturalExtremo__naturalextremobrasil__NAT8373.jpeg
20220826_Tirolesa de Bike__saltodependulo__naturalextremobrasil_IMG_2453.jpeg
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