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Itineraries and tours to Urubici

To visit the main sights of the city, we recommend a 4-day itinerary. Even so, Urubici has a lot to offer to anyone who visits it more than once. Get to know some of the main sights and set up your itinerary.

Parque Mundo Novo - Cascata do Avencal

A park for the whole family!

At the park Mundo Novo, in addition to the countless natural beauties in the park, you can enjoy a whole day of activities and adventures.

15 minutes from the center of Urubici, the park receives tourists from all over the world to see one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Santa Catarina mountain range.

To best accommodate visitors and ensure that they have all the comfort and structure for a full day of sightseeing and fun, the park has a restaurant, cafe, restrooms and parking.

In addition to offering a camping area, with showers, which you can purchase in the park.

How to get there: Parque Mundo Novo: SC-110, KM 34 - Urubici, SC -
(the site can be accessed by any type of vehicle)

Price: entrance to the park costs R$ 40.00 and activities can be purchased separately.

Serra do Corvo Branco

It is not necessary to access Urubici through the mountains to appreciate the largest sandstone cut in the country. Serra do Corvo Branco is located on the border between Urubici and Grão-Pará, at an altitude of 1,470 m.
Leaving from Urubici there are 18 kilometers of asphalt and 6 kilometers of dirt road, but it is an effort that pays off. Upon reaching the highest point, before starting the descent, you will find the gap made by the road builders. The walls are 90 meters high and impresses with the feeling of being really in the middle of the stone. In addition to taking the famous photo, just below there is the viewpoint overlooking the city of Grão Pará, which yields good moments of inspiration.
Access is easy and does not require any kind of reservation or payment.

Morro da Igreja

The main postcard of Urubici needs to be on your itinerary, in addition to a privileged view of the famous Pedra Furada, Morro da Igreja is the highest point in the city, and where the lowest temperature registraded in the county took place. we don't even have to tell you to take an extra coat, right?

Located inside São Joaquim Park. for access to Morro da Igreja, and Pedra Furada it is necessary to make a reservation, it is necessary to enter on the ICMBio website.
To book the visit, it is ideal to book 6 days in advance, choosing the morning or afternoon shift. The reservation is free and tickets must be collected at ICMBio in the center of Urubici.
Ticket pick-up times are from 8 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 4 pm and can be done two days before the day of the visit.
Extra tip - It is worth giving a look in the weather forecast and anticipate before making the visit between the times of lower incidence of fog from 10am to 3 pm.

Sítio 7 quedas

Located 7 km from the center towards Rio Rufino by SC-370, Rio Sete Quedas, as the name suggests, has a sequence of seven beautiful waterfalls over 1,800m of altitude.

The structure has parking and entrance price 10.00 per person. There is no locals for purchase of food.

At the entrance, a map is given to follow the trail that is well marked and has cables to help in the most difficult places.

The route requires the visitor to cross the river at some points, and the water can reach knee height.

The activity is medium level, so we do not recommend it for the elderly or children under 10 years old. The average time of the trail to the seventh fall is 4 hours, so it is a tour that requires a whole day to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Despite being long, each waterfall has its own charm and it is worth dedicating some time to each one, whether contemplating or bathing in the natural pools formed by its falls.

Cascata Véu de Noiva

With a drop of 62 m its waters slide over the large rocks.

Access to the waterfall is easy and the entrance is the same for Morro da Igreja.
From the parking lot, it's just a 300 meters walk to the base of the waterfall. There it is also common to see the beautiful birds of the local fauna that sing the melody of place.
The place has a restaurant that serves lunch, snacks and drinks, and a shop with souvenirs and handicrafts from the region.
In addition to the Véu de Noiva waterfall, there is another trail that leads to the Waterfall " cascata dos namorados" and on the property there is also a zip line for a separate fee.
Access fee BRL 15
Opening hours - Wednesday to Sunday, from 8:30 to 18:00


Live life-changing experiences in Urubici

Morro do Campestre

8 kilometers from Urubici towards the city of Rio Rufino, Morro do Campestre and Morro da Cruz, is on private property and therefore it is possible to reach the top by car.

From up there, it is possible to observe the 1,380-meter high sandstone rock formation, and have a privileged view of the Canoas River Valley, in addition to all the natural beauties that the place offers. You can also reach the top of the rocks with access by stairs.

This is an excellent place to visit in the late afternoon and enjoy the sunset, on the right days it is a true spectacle of colors.
The place has a small store for food and offers the option of picnic baskets.
Access fee - BRL 30.00 per person

Cânion Espraiado

For those passionate about trails and trekking, Canion Espraiado is an essential destination in Urubici.

35km from the city center, 23km towards Serra do Corvo Branco via SC-370 and another 12km of dirt road to the entrance to the Canyon, which can only be done by 4x4, quadricycle or walking.
The walking section lasts around 3 hours and the trail is well marked.
The canyon's magnitude is breathtaking, and all the effort to get there is rewarded with the view of the immense cliffs that form the landscape.
For those who prefer, there is the possibility of buying the tour with a duration of 6 hours in a 4x4, exploring the entire region. The tour is sold at the visitor support house.
Very close to the house, there is a natural viewpoint at the beginning of the canyon vertex with two huge waterfalls on each side. It is still possible to have a beautiful view of the valley and the Corvo Branco mountain range.
The activities offered are horseback riding, infinite swing and abseiling, all contracted separately.

Inscrições Rupestres

The natural beauties of Urubici have been appreciated by mankind for millennia, and proof of this is the presence of cave inscriptions dating back 3 millennia.

The inscriptions are in the so-called Guardians of Avencal, where there is also a lookout for the valley and waterfall. The place also has a mini farm, all 5 km from the city center.

Among the highlights of the inscriptions is the guardian mask, among other geometric designs. The set is among the main historical monuments in the state and is of incalculable historical value.

Access via SC 110

Entrance price - 10.00 per person

Caverna Rio dos Bugres

With an air of mystery, it is believed that Caverna Rio dos Bugres served as a shelter for ancient indigenous people. The visitor will find several interconnected tunnels, cave inscriptions and an immersion in nature.

The walk starts at 11 km from the city center and access is via SC 370, 7 km on a dirt road towards the Rio dos Bugres community.

The place has parking and we recommend using a flashlight to help visualize the attraction. There is also the option of hiring a guide, to know in detail the history and legends of the cave.
Entrance price $15

Cascata do Vacariano

Another tip for the hikers on duty! With access only on foot and without structure, this trail is for those who love to be in the middle of nature and have an incredible reward at the end.

Access via SC 370 towards Morro do Campestre is 15km long and leads to a private gate where it is possible to leave the car. After the gate, the walk is 1.5km with moderate difficulty and passing through the water ends at the base of a 40m waterfall of transparent waters.

The Vacariano waterfall is located on the Vacariano River and the region does not have a cell phone signal, so the recommendations for those who want to venture there is always to go in a group, wear boots and, if possible, hire a guide in the city to ensure safety.The best part is that this attraction has no cost.

Campo dos Padres

Place of the highest elevations in the state of Santa Catarina, Campo dos Padres is an immense plateau with an exuberant view of the mountains, it is also the habitat of animals such as the Puma, and the Blue Grail, both endangered.

Located 50km from Urubici, the town has different levels of trails, ranging from easy to difficult with routes of up to 20km. It is recommended to hire a specialized guide for the tour, due to the extension of the region.

At the beginning of the main trail there is a property where it is possible to camp or stay in case and make a crossing. The infrastructure is basic. For those who just want to visit, the price of access is 20.00

Cachoeira Rio dos Bugres

One of the largest waterfalls in Urubici with 218m of free fall, Cachoeira Rio dos Bugres impresses visitors.

Access can be made by car, but care is needed when crossing the river in some stretches, especially in periods of rain, but it is possible to make the route with a regular vehicle.
Going on the SC-370, the access is in the community of Santo António, towards the Rio dos Bugres community. It's 5 km until you turn right and then 18 km uphill, all on a dirt road, the ideal is to enjoy the landscape and the species that are only found here.

After the climb you will arrive at Shelter 1500, the support house for visitors. From there, just walk to the viewpoint that gives access to a spectacular panoramic view of the waterfall and the valley.

Unfortunately, access to the base of the waterfall was prohibited by the landowner, and the visit from above is the only option at the moment for those who want to know this wonder of nature.

Entrance price - 20.00 per person
Information - (49) 991809621 with Eloene dos Santos.

Rancho da Montanha

For those who want to have a different experience, whether on wheels or on horseback, Rancho da Montanha has options for quad biking and horse riding that will yield moments of pleasure with family and friends.

With different routes, prices and duration, the place accepts advance reservations and gives full support to the visitor.

Prices and information can be consulted on the park's website

Museu Brunken

For those looking for a more urban program to vary the immersion in nature that the city offers, a good option is to visit the Brunken Museum.

With a collection that will take the visitor on a journey through time, the museum houses models of cars and vehicles to awaken nostalgia in anyone. In addition to automobiles, there are also other antiques on site.

With easy access on SC 370, the Museum is next to the Bar Rota 370.

Entrance price is 25.00
Museum Instagram -

Jardim Secreto Ville de France

This place can be included among all categories, tours, accommodation and food.

With meticulous care, the Duarte family transports the visitor to France as soon as he crosses the gateway. From the plants to the constructions, everything was specially designed to create an enveloping and magical atmosphere. The climate and vegetation of Urubici were the perfect support to bring the Secret Garden to life.

The place welcomes visitors for a day use that includes a guided tour with coffee for 100.00. For accommodation, there are 2 chateaux for 2 people. For special events and photo shoots. All options require prior appointment

Information and reservations through the website -

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